WebEmailProtector provides an email obfuscation service that prevents email addresses listed on websites from being harvested. The Terms (and Conditions) for use of the service are listed below.

Please note that these Terms are regularly updated, and we do not necessarily publish or email updates directly to users.


Our technology uses heuristic detection algorithms which were developed by the company. These algorithms are, and will remain, the Intellectual Property (IP) of the company.

We believe that our IP is unique in the industry, and so strongly protect its use, and by granting access to the service we do not give or imply rights to the IP itself. However, we grant users access to use the IP provided they follow these Terms for the use of the service, but may withdraw this privileges if we believe these Terms have been broken.


We provide access to our service in order to protect email addresses listed on websites and for no other purpose. If any attempt is made to access our site or service to reverse engineer, hack or crack algorithms or passcodes that we use then we reserve the right to withdraw privileges. Under these circumstances we also reserve the right to share your details with 3rd parties that provide blacklisting and blocking services.


Our service is backed by guarantee in that we guarantee to provide a quality of service and that this service is effective in protecting your emails from being harvested from your website. We provide the services to protect your email address 24/7. We also guarantee its efficacy in the fight against spam by blocking access to know harvesters and spam-bots.

However we accept no liability for any losses in providing or failing to provide this service, directly or consequential, financial or otherwise.

Refund Policy:

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service please let us know why and, if you request, we will refund your payment if there is good cause.

Payment Terms:

Payments are made through our payment provider PayPal and must have cleared before the end of any trial period in order to continue the use of this service.

If no payment is made then we can no longer provide the service and you must remove any code and revert any email addresses to their original form.

If your coded email address is not removed then if a visitor clicks on an email address it will redirect to our site to report the fact that this service use has expired.

Unauthorised Use:

If any unauthorised use of any of our code on your site continues, including script calls from expired services, then we reserve the right to act as a conduit for affiliate marketing. Such affiliate marketing will would inclue banner ads from providers such as Google AdSense, Amazon Product Ads, ClickNet or other forms of affiliate marketing providers of our choosing. But to be clear, we never pass your email addresses to 3rd parties.

So please delete all code from your site if you do not intend to use so as not to unnecessarily use our bandwidth!

Privacy Policy:

We take data protection very seriously. We do not use your information for any marketing purposes and we do not divulge it to 3rd parties. Further more comprehensive details can be found at our privacy policy page. If we do send you emails it is only to confirm registration and account details or for support requests. And just in case you wonder – we do not see or track the email itself, we only authorise the release of your address so your communication privacy is protected.