We respect you privacy and follow the following guidelines when it comes to protecting all data we collect or store from you.

Information Gathered:

In order to offer the EMO protection service we gather the following information: your

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Web Site URL (on which you place the EMO code)
  • PayPal Payment Details when subscribed, but not until the end of any FREE trial period (but we never take or store any account details)

Otherwise, we do not attempt to extract or retrieve any other personal or financial information from you, and we do not use cookies.


We use the gathered information (Name, Email, Website URL and Payment Details) to enable the EMO protection service to function. This information is also retained for the purposes of technical support and query assistance, solely in order to improve our service to you. We may sometimes also use the IP address of the device that you used to perform the registration in order to limit any excessive free access use to our service as granted from time to time.

Information Protection:

All information is stored on 3rd party servers. Access to the data stored on these servers is password protected to the highest standards. As such the information is available to WebEmailProtector employees or authorised 3rd parties, and only then for the purpose of technical support or product development. As with any web service, we cannot protect any information that is transmitted over the Internet itself as, like all web transactions, this maybe intercepted by 3rd parties without our knowledge or consent. But the chances of interception are manageably small.

Information Access and 3rd Parties:

We do not knowingly pass any information to 3rd parties for use in direct marketing or any other such activity. On the occasional instance that we do pass the gathered information it is done on a need to know basis and for the sole purposes of technical support or product development only.